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Full featured MS image acquisition software for the Voyager series instruments of Applied Biosystems. Included are a sample database and an image evaluation tool.

Advanced software to control the Voyager STR and sSTR instruments. It works together with the Voyager Control software and allows  to directly display the images in the same application. Image parameters are written to a sample database.

Supported Instruments Voyager STR (ABI), Voyager sSTR (ABI)
Requirements Aquiris DP211 digitizer board
Output Image format Analyze 7.5
Origin, Copyright Novartis
Author Markus Stoeckli
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The MALDI MS Imaging Tool (MMSIT) is a custom designed software for automated imaging of samples on a Applied Biosystems Voyager instrument. Key features of the software are:

  • Comprehensive sample database (MS Access) which is easy to interface with other applications
  • Implements seamless with the existing software from Applied Biosystems.
  • Scan range may be manually entered or the coordinates may be directly transferred from the Voyager Control
  • Control of SymBiot for electrospraying of matrix
  • Ultra-fast image acquisition by using DP-211 digitizer and NanoLase Nd:YAG laser in combination with fast data retrieval, averaging and storage routines
  • Mass spectra of image points are displayed in the Data Explorer
  • MS images are calculated using an optimized baseline correction routine
  • Scan information and image data is written into the reference mass spectrum file (.dat) created by Voyager Control - all the information is kept in one file
  • Easy export of MS images supporting drag-and-drop operation


Execute the installation file and follow the on-screen instruction.


A detailed manual is included in the installation.