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raw to imzML converter

  • Converts LTQ based Thermo raw files into imzML files
  • Contains the converter, an original raw file of the example file and a help file
  • Free to download!

If you use ‘raw to imzML converter’ in published research, please include a citation to the following article:

Schramm T, Hester A, Klinkert I, Both J-P, Heeren RMA, Brunelle A, Laprévote O, Desbenoit N, Robbe M-F, Stoeckli M, Spengler B, Römpp A (2012) imzML — A common data format for the flexible exchange and processing of mass spectrometry imaging data. Journal of Proteomics 75 (16):5106-5110. doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2012.07.026